Step in their Shoes Terms and Conditions

These Terms (the “Terms”) apply to the Step in their Shoes challenge (the “Challenge”). By registering for the Challenge you are agreeing to comply with the Terms.

The Brooke Hospital for Animals (“Brooke”) (a company registered in England and Wales under no.  4119581 and a charity registered under no. 1085760) and with its registered office at 2nd Floor, The Hallmark Building, 52-56 Leadenhall Street, London, EC3A 2BJ is organising the Challenge.

  1. All Participants agree to abide by the Terms, any updates to the Terms and any additional guidance that we may give from time to time.  
  2. The Challenge  is a fundraising event open to UK residents. Participants under the age of 16 must obtain permission from parent or guardian before registering. No registration fee is required.
  3. Participants who are under the age of 16 must be registered for the Challenge by their parent or legal guardian and by registering they confirm that they are the participant’s parent or legal guardian (as applicable) and that they agree for the participant to take part in the Challenge.
  4. Regions of the UK are operating under varying Covid-19 lockdown regulations which may impact on Participants’ ability to undertake and complete the Challenge. Participants agree that they will abide by applicable local restrictions, if any, that are enforced from time to time.   
  5. Participants agree to take responsibility for their own health, safety and fitness when taking part in the Challenge. Any participant unsure of their physical ability to take part in the Challenge must seek medical advice prior to taking part in the Challenge.  Participants who are under the age of 16 must also be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times during the Challenge
  6. Participants acknowledge that by its nature Brooke will be unable to supervise the Challenge and acknowledge that there may be risks associated with the Challenge. All participants enter and undertake the Challenge entirely at their own risk and so far as permitted by law, Brooke shall not be liable for any injury or loss which might occur as a result of their participation.
  7. You agree that you will not bring Brooke’s name or reputation into disrepute and that you will fundraise responsibly and legally. You agree that we have the right to ask you to withdraw from the Challenge immediately if we consider that you have acted in a manner that will bring Brooke’s reputation into disrepute.
  8. Any monies raised in connection with the Challenge are held on trust for Brooke and you agree that all donations and sponsorship monies raised in connection with the Challenge are paid to Brooke. We ask that you do this as soon as possible after you have completed the Challenge. Payment must reach us by no later than 4 weeks of your completing the Challenge. 
  9. If you choose to set up an online fundraising page the monies will go direct to Brooke. 
  10. For all offline donations and sponsorship, please email [email protected] to discuss with the team your options for paying in the money.
  11. We would request that you to encourage your sponsors to Gift Aid their sponsorship (which will incur no extra cost to them). Please ensure that your offline sponsorship forms are returned to The Brooke Hospital for Animals, 2nd Floor, The Hallmark Building, 52-56 Leadenhall Street, London, EC3A 2BJto enable us to claim Gift Aid where possible.
  12. If you decide to withdraw from the Challenge for any reason (including injury) you agree that you are still committed to submitting all online and offline sponsorship you have raised to Brooke and you must inform your donors that you are no longer participating. You must also let your sponsors know that they may, if they wish, have their sponsorship monies returned to them.
  13. By providing personal data when you register for the Challenge, you confirm that you consent to such data being used by Brooke for the purposes of administering the Challenge. If you provide personal data on behalf of additional participants (or sponsors), you also confirm that you have obtained their consent for such data to be used for the same purposes.
  14. Please read our privacy statement which tells you how we use any personal information we may collect about you by registering and participating in the Challenge: