Frequently asked questions

What is the Brooke 'Step in their Shoes' Challenge?

The Brooke Step in their Shoes Challenge is a virtual event which aims to raise awareness of the hardships working horses, donkey and mules go through, whilst raising vital funds to reduce their suffering. We are asking supporters to take on 100 miles and raise £100 if they can.

How do I register?

You can register to take part in the Brooke Step in their Shoes Challenge on our website here.

When is the Brooke 'Step in their Shoes' challenge?

The challenge is taking place throughout the whole year. You can choose to take on your 100 miles in your own time, or you can set yourself a target number of days in which to complete it (eg 100 miles in 100 days).

Do I have to take on 100 miles?

No, this is your challenge, your way. We want our supporters to take on the challenge in any way they feel comfortable. If you don't feel up to the full 100 miles, that's fine- you can choose your own distance. Alternatively you might like to take the challenge on with friends and family and take on a set amount of miles each - it's totally up to you!

How do I measure my distance?

There are a number of different ways you can track your miles. If you have a smart phone, most iPhones and Androids have inbuilt health apps which track how many miles you walk. Alternatively you could register with Strava or MapMyFitness (both free!) where you can track miles for walking, running or cycling. No smart phone or fancy gadgets? We are more than happy for you to record your miles yourself using estimations. Make sure you use our mile tracker to record your progress.

Do I have to raise £100?

We ask that all supporters raise as much money as they can. We suggest £100 but you can choose your own fundraising goal. The more you can raise, the more working horses, donkeys and mules we can help.

Can I take part in a wheelchair?

Absolutely! If you are taking part in a wheelchair we recommend purchasing a bicycle odometer to measure the distance you travel, however again your can just estimate if you'd prefer.

How do I get my T-shirt?

Once you reach £30 in your fundraiser you will be entitled to a Brooke T-shirt. We ask that you email us on [email protected] once you've hit £30, and we'll do our best to send you your t-shirt as soon as possible. However please note that while offices are closed due to COVID-19, this may take longer than normal.

Do I have to fundraise online?

An online fundraising page is a quick and easy way to get donations from friends, but if you would rather collect sponsorship in person you can download your sponsorship form here.

How do I pay in money raised offline?

There are a number of ways you can pay in your fundraised money. Please get in touch with our friendly fundraising team on [email protected] who can advise you on the options.

How do I talk to other people who are taking part?

Join our Step in their Shoes Facebook Group to share tips, stories and cheer eachother on!